For this entire year, I have been porting Windows RT to lumia phones using a tool I’ve made during my free time. This tool has been in testing for some time already with a few people. While I have less and less free time on me, I decided to first open source it, and release it for people to use it, or improve upon it.

Meet GetLumiaBSP

This tool is designed to separate lumia’s BSP images from their OS image with ease, and apply fixes for porting other NT operating systems. The tool is far from flawless, but it worked nicely for me, and my use cases.

You can find the tool at the following link on GitHub:

In other news I have been working on a complete documentation about what I learned along the way while doing such ports, the only down side is that this takes some time for me to do. But it’s still coming. As part of that guide will also come (hopefully) a WPInternals update which should improve upon some issues, I will not have to document about in the guide.

Have nice holidays,

(and please stop burning cars in France, god damn)