6 years already, it’s incredible how time keeps getting faster for me since a while. Even if time went fast, so many things happened during that time span for me which hard to describe in just 140 characters. In fairness, only my current twitter account is 6 years old. In reality I’ve been around since much earlier, albeit under a different nick. I’ve met many people, especially since 2009, known so many groups, and also saw many ups, and sadly downs. 6 years ago it would have been hard for me to believe I would get here right now, or even talking to people over a blog post like this one. The worst or the best part for me, is that I managed to touch at many different projects, which have nothing in common. You may know me right now for work done for Windows 10 on ARM on old (or ‘vintage’ as some sellers on eBay start to say now) Lumia devices. But long before I was also someone tearing apart Windows 8 builds, like with 7955, trying to find new things in Windows 10 threshold builds, and I was also someone not really knowing what I was doing, nor heading to (even if, I would say it still isn’t clear).

In 6 years I sadly saw people passing away, people leaving, people depressing. But I also saw people creating awesome projects, sometimes even incredibly inspiring and helpful projects.

I’ve also met engineers in real life, from various domains, but also some people from Google, or Microsoft. Met a few friends online (who thought this would have been possible), friends who helped me pass hard times, or me helping them in return pass their hard time.

If life teaches you one thing, a lot of things happen in a very short time span, things which may be good or bad.

Which brings me back to this post title, “6 years of twitter, 6 anniversaries, inner circle changes and some career changes later”

Obviously since 6 years ago I mature quite a bit, and learned a lot from people. Some years ago I was happy to assist people or helping them from twitter or forums, for either apps or projects I contributed to. I sadly lost will to help people down the line, sadly. Helping people made me make new friends, discover people, things I haven’t heard about before, but most importantly also help me being less shy. You may have noticed a few days ago on my twitter or telegram, I did change my name to my full name.

For everything this journey taught me, nothing would have been possible without most of you, without most of the friends I made online, without most of my followers, and yes, even without most people that may have been a little annoying.

So this post is a big thank you to every single one of you, from 6 years ago old me, and me from 2019. You all made me discover things I wouldn’t have found out before, and indirectly taught me things (especially the friends I met online).

Things certainly are a bit better than 2011-2013 for me, and I hope to continue sharing what I do with the community, and knowing more people as time flies.

I would like to give a special shout out to every single one of you which donated money to me recently (yes, even you, you that did donate 0.01€). I wish I could have replied to every single one of your messages personally, I did this at first, but it takes a lot of time, and these days I don’t have much time free for me due to career plans.

A recent problem I’ve been seeing lately, what I like doing mostly (and judging by what I did since 6 years) probably has no known job in existence, and that’s actually a problem I’m facing for my career. Finding a job that suits me is hard, I’m more of the type of person to do amazing work when something really interests me, and drop projects when they don’t. Which leads me to actually trying different sectors to see where I would go into, and hope to find something that really suits me in the future.

If I have to give a piece of advice to people following me, don’t give up what you’re doing, and don’t lose faith in what you’re doing, and share most of what you’re doing. Even if everything tells you things aren’t going alright. If you stop thinking about bad events, you’ll have a better time moving on.

For 2019 I hope to share more things with the community, at least much more than 2018. 2018 hasn’t been a good year for me so far. But I’ll try to share and do more interesting things for all of you.

Thank you again, you’re all amazing, every single one of you,

Gustave David Pierre Michel Monce.